Tracyton student to light Capitol Christmas Tree

What started as a classroom project to design holiday ornaments, has led to an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. for the Capitol Christmas Tree lighting.

Micah Joe (Photo), an 8-year-old Tracyton Elementary School student, was just following directions when his holiday season was given a jump start. Students at various elementary schools across the state were invited to design ornaments for the Capitol tree, which was selected from the Olympic National Forest in Washington state.

The ornaments that Micah and his class decorated were Raven heads, decorated in black and red line forms. His teacher Amy Smith said the class only had a couple of days to put together their ornaments, one she laminated for the contest, and the others the students were able to keep.

Although all of the students had the opportunity to submit their ornaments into the Washington D.C. contest, the parent waiver is what was randomly selected. Micah’s form was selected by Mike Gregoire, Gov. Chris Gregoire’s husband, from more than 3,000 forms.

Out of all 50 states, it was Washington’s year to donate a tree to be placed on Capitol Hill. Because Washington was selected, the state also had the opportunity to send one student to light it. Micah was that student. (Read More)

Article and Photo by Erin Beil