Follow The Capitol Christmas Tree Online From Seattle To Washington, D.C.

SkyBitz will provide the Tree's Exact Location Along 4,300 Mile Trek

STERLING, Va., Nov. 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Want to follow the 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree online as it makes its 4,300 mile trek from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC? It's easy!

Starting tomorrow, Friday, November 17th, you can go to to see the exact map location of the tree, a 65- foot Pacific Silver Fir, as it motors eastward along Interstates, highways, byways, rural roads and city streets.

The location of the tree will be updated every 15 minutes while it is on the move and you will be able to click on each and every map location and view a detailed satellite photo of the area.

Tracking services are being provided by SkyBitz - the leading provider of trailer tracking technology for the trucking industry. SkyBitz has installed a GLS 200 satellite communicator on the flatbed trailer carrying the tree. The trailer is being provided by Fontaine Trailer Company and the truck by National Van Lines. SkyBitz will send a location signal via satellite every 15 minutes and the location will be displayed online for everyone to see. (Read More)