Capitol Christmas Tree 2006: PSA #2

Please post this 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree PSA on websites and blogs. The MP3 can also be sent to radio stations nationwide.

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Want to follow the 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree online as it makes its 4,300 mile trek from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC? It's easy!

You can go to Capitol Christmas Tree 2006 Dot Org and select “Tree Tracker” from the left menu bar to see the exact map location of the 65- foot Pacific Silver Fir as it motors eastward along Interstates, highways, byways, country roads and city streets.

Happy Holidays! I’m Claire Turner with 4-H Network News. Our internet news site is video blogging this historic event from chainsaw to woodchips.

SkyBitz has installed a GLS 200 satellite communicator on the custom 70-foot flatbed trailer that carries the 45 year-old tree. A signal will be sent via satellite every 15 minutes and the location will be displayed online for everyone to see.

This is a public service message from Capital Christmas Tree project and 4-H Network News.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NOTE: Fontaine Trailer provided a special 80-foot expandable trailer to carry the 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree from Washingon state to Washington D.C.