Capitol Christmas Tree 2006: PSA #1

Please post this 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree PSA on websites and blogs. The MP3 can also be sent to radio stations nationwide.

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Oregon provided the Capitol Christmas tree in 2002, Idaho in 2003,
Virginia in 2004, and New Mexico last year shipped a 80-foot Engelmann Spruce 1,816 miles to Washington D.C.

This year Washington State is giving the nation's Capitol a magnificent 45-year-old Pacific Silver fir that grew naturally on a steep bank above the headwaters of the Wynoochee River in the Olympic National Forest.

Happy Holidays! I’m Claire Turner with 4-H Network News.
Our internet news site is video blogging this historic event from chainsaw to woodchips.

Governor Gregoire said in our digitally recorded interview on Nov. 6, that “we are sharing with the entire country one of the finest trees we have in Washington state so they can see just how gorgeous Washington state is…”

To learn more about the Capitol Christmas Tree project and to see our video reports, go to capitol christmas tree - 2-0-0-6-dot org.

This is a public service message from the Capital Christmas Tree project and 4-H Network News.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

NOTE: "Deck The Halls" is sung by the Aberdeen High School choir