B.J. Packard Poem: On Your Way

Photo: Kellie Hamilton - USFS. The Washington State Grange (Olympia) graciously allowed us to utilize their conference room to store, sort, and package all student ornaments for Washington D.C.

On Your Way

I came to see you.
Three people escorted me
To your growing place.

How did it begin, I wondered?
Here between the boulder and old stump
Now in shreds.

How many years did it take you
To grow those 64 feet?
They wanted 80.

Man is seldom patient.
The Christmas season happens each year
Even this one.

This country
Has called you
To be its symbol.

The strong men of the woods
Will come Nov. 1st
To pull the line
To start their never-ending dagger teeth.

You’ll leave your home ground
And 30 times you’ll be praised, sung to and admired
As you pass through this state – on your way.

School children already may be
Making the ornaments which will catch the lights
That will be set aglow December 6th

I will always remember you
Strong, tall, regal
And lovely

B.J. Packard

Photo: Diane Rubiaco - USFS. Dan Hammork (WA Grange Communications Director) coordinated the collection of over 4,000 ornaments from students throughout Washington State.