B.J. Packard Poem: Far West Tree

Photo: Volunteers - Joan Vance and Carol Reith from 4-H show off handcrafted ornaments made by Washington state school children for the 2006 Capitol Christmas Tree. Washington Ornaments Campaign

Far West Tree

Among the lower hills
Stretching almost to the sea
Lies a valley
Holding the Wynooche River

This was home
To this Pacific Silver Fir.

She was tall and elegant.
Today she is grand.
In a different way.

Throughout Washington State
She has traveled
And been admired,
Announcing her destination.

Today it is our turn.
We admire you,
Our special Pacific Silver Fir
Our Capitol Christmas tree
Lovely in all ways.

B.J. Packard

Photo: Deborah Larsen - USFS holds a handcrafted ornament.